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Literary Lunch

September 11th, 2013

Join guest authors Frances Brody and JT Brannan for a ‘Literary Lunch’ at William & Victoria Restaurant on Wednesday 16th October 12 – 3pm.

Tickets £25 and include a two course lunch and coffee. Book your place with Lynn Edwards on 07931 528774 or email

Yorkshire Cancer Research.

Frances Brody (

Frances Brody comes from a great family of story tellers, though she’s the first in the family to write professionally. “On the screen of my imagination,” she says, “I can conjure aunts and uncles from years gone by, and the word pictures they painted of people from earlier generations.”

A Woman Unknown

She is the author of four Kate Shackleton mysteries, most recently A Woman Unknown, published on 1st September 2012. “The series began,” she explains, “with a picture in my head of a man trapped behind a high wall, unable to return home. Someone needed to discover who and where he was. Along came Kate Shackleton, sleuth extraordinaire. She stepped from our family album like the genie summoned from the lamp.” (Taken from website


JT Brannan (
JT Brannan is the Bradford-born author of ORIGIN and STOP AT NOTHING.
JT Brannan Origin manuscript

Trained as a British Army officer at Sandhurst, before deciding to pursue a writing career, he is a former national Karate champion and doorman. He now writes full-time, and teaches martial arts in Harrogate, where he lives with his wife and two young children. He is currently working on his next novel.