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Introducing Our New Style Wine List

July 14th, 2017

If you’ve visited us recently you’ll have noticed that we’ve made a few changes to the way our wine list is laid out, introducing wines by their character rather than simply as red, white or rosé.

The new approach will hopefully help customers identify new wines to try alongside their usual favourites by listing similar palates together. Our team is always on hand to share knowledge and provide additional information and advice. We spend a lot of time getting to know our wines and the regions that produce some of our finest bottles, which means we can be confident about their provenance and can talk about them with real authority.

For those customers who often feel bamboozled by the amount of choice and information on a wine list, this will hopefully make life easier. For those who know their wines, they will hopefully appreciate this new approach, which will offer new options alongside their tried and trusted favourites. For those who like to know the inside leg of every grape inside each bottle, we are more than happy to provide that detail – in fact we rather enjoy it.

Our passion for wine was difficult to hide when we chose our categories. We have gone a little further than simply grouping them as crisp and dry or full-bodied and fruity. Our white wines are either ‘crisp, dry, clean and refreshing’, ‘aromatic, herbaceous, with tight minerality’ or with a ‘generous style, voluptuous and expressive’.

For those looking for the perfect red to accompany their lamb Henry or fillet steak, we have plenty on offer, whether your preference is for something ‘fruity, fleshy and quaffable’, a wine with a ‘rich style, spicy and savoury’ or something ‘smooth, robust and fuller bodied’.

Each wine also has its own tailored description and we have made recommendations in each category. If you do try something new and it isn’t to your liking, we will of course be happy to change it for you.

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