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We’re back open!

March 11th, 2015

We re-opened the doors to the Wine Bar on Wednesday 4th March and are delighted with the refurbishments and refreshed look. The reaction of customers has been reassuringly positive and everyone has welcomed our return, summed up perfectly by our latest TripAdvisor review:

“We arrived on reopening night with great excitement but with some concerns about what they’d done! So opening the doors to the wine bar……….it looked the same! Relief!

That said on closer inspection, it had had a major, major refurbishment, but without losing any of the character. New toilets are a welcome change but apart from that everything else just looked and felt the same whilst being improved, if that makes sense? I’m not underestimating the work that they’ve done however.

The food I must say, was up another notch, perhaps as a result of a new kitchen.
One noticeable difference, David’s beard! We’re now looking forward to the reopening of upstairs now! Well done guys.”¬†¬†SiMac365 (11th March 2015)

Upstairs will re-open on Saturday 21st March. Please come and visit us soon.

Here are some before and after photos of the downstairs wine bar.

During refurb: