Mussels are good for you

14 March 2017

Mussels are seriously good for you and one of the most nutritious foods around. Low in calories and fat, they are excellent source of protein, vitamins and Omega-3 oils that help reduce the risk of heart disease and contain a similar level of iron to that found in red meat.

Our Moules Marinière is back on the specials menu and our Two course £10 lunch menu. We use Scottish rope-grown mussels supplied by Ramus Seafood to ensure they are superb quality, free from sandy grit and native to Great Britain – not only delicious, but really good for you too! 

Recommended wine: Picpoul de Pinet, George Bertrand or Talo Verdeca, San Marzano, Puglia, Italy.


Harrogate Hospitality & Tourism Awards 2017

5 March 2017

The time has come again to ‘celebrate and reward those individuals who truly represent Harrogate as one of the country’s best destinations for both business and leisure tourism’ at the Harrogate Hospitality & Tourism Awards.

For over 30 years our independent Restaurant has been serving Harrogate with a small, dedicated team who are committed to providing the best service. We offer consistently good locally sourced food in a welcoming and relaxed environment with an atmosphere that is hard to beat.

This year we are backing Sophie Pride for ‘Outstanding Customer Service’ as we believe she deserves recognition for her contribution to the Harrogate hospitality scene.

For over 18 years, Sophie has been an integral, professional and respected member of the W&V team. Her knowledge and experience shines through when she greets customers whether it be the first time they have visited Harrogate or if they have been a regular of W&V for many years.

Sophie – ‘the face of lunchtime’ – often remembers favourite drinks and preferred tables for regulars or will advise on menu choices and share her knowledge of Harrogate to visitors.

If you share our view on Sophie offering ‘Outstanding Customer Service’, then please nominate her and don’t forget to say why. We would really appreciate your vote for ‘Restaurant of the Year’ too.

Thank you.


Focus on Suppliers – Sykes House Farm

22 January 2017

It is important we know where our food comes from and how it has been produced, this is why we use trusted local suppliers.

Sykes House Farm is a catering butchers now in its third generation based at Wetherby in Yorkshire. Our chefs have a close working relationship with Rachel Hirst who is at the helm of the family business. Like us, Sykes House Farm put a huge emphasis on quality and traceability.

We take great pride in the quality of the meat that we serve and we like to buy locally where possible. You need consistently good quality ingredients to create a great dish and we believe it is important to know the origins of the meat we use – naturally most of that originates from Yorkshire!” David Straker


Sykes House Farm specialise in sourcing only the finest Pork the region has to offer; Yorkshire Outdoor. As former pig farmers themselves, they know a little about breeding and believe that high welfare animal husbandry and breeding are vital to giving the best succulence and flavour. We know that provenance, quality assurance and freshness are of great importance to our customers as well as animal welfare and the origins of the meat they choose to eat.

Recommended pork dishes:
Main menu: Slow roast pork with crispy crackling and apple sauce
Early Bird menu: Slow braised pork cheeks, herb mash, pork crackling and caramelised apple balls and red wine sauce
Our wine recommendation: Pinot Noir, Gerard Bertrand, France


Beef cattle should be naturally raised, with calves suckling their mothers and to have at least a season on grass. Sykes House Farm only source Steer or Heifer, always under 30 months and all have full traceability right back to conception.

The steaks at W&V come from the Prime beef range are 28 days hung. All year round supply of Prime Beef from a single farm is an impossible task, so the beef is carefully selected from different suppliers, which can result in different breeds and therefore slightly different finishing.

Recommended beef dishes:
Blackboard special: Slow cooked rib of beef served with mashed potato and winter vegetables
Our wine recommendation: Malvasia Nera, San Marzano, Italy

Main menu: Rib eye steak served with chips, mushroom, tomato, onion rings and optional peppercorn sauce
Our wine recommendation: Malbec, Dona Paula, Argentina